The ANDROID OSS has become the in thing in the world today, thanks to Google’s pioneering contribution towards the Open Source effort. Software is the mind that controls applications. It must be better used to control real-life applications in real time. At BangaloreRobotics, we believe that software must be a seamless part of Electronics & Mechanics. To encourage and promote this philosophy among the Software geeks, we present a Real-time Hardware-Software marriage that can make things interesting and more productive.
Session 1: Introduction to Android
·          Android History.
·          Versions of Android and their changes
·          Dalvik Virtual Machine.
·          Difference between JVM & DVM.
Android Architecture
·          Linux kernel.
·          Native Libraries
·          Application Framework.
·          Application flow with one example
Session 2: Software Installation Steps

          ·Java JDK (1.6 or 1.7)
Duration : 16 Hrs
Day 1: Session 1 & 2 (4 Hrs each)
Day 2: Session 3 & 4 (4 Hrs each)
·          Android SDK (2.1 to 4.3)
·          Android ADT
·          Eclipse IDE (Java Developer)
Session 3: Introduction To Hardware & Software
·          Introduction to Hardware & Software inputs-outputs.
·          Control and Protocols of Port programming.
Hands-on Experience:
 Open Source ANDROID driven Hardware
 Hands-on Electronics, Mechanical and Software techniques of Robotics and allied Engineering sciences.  Materials, components to test the software and hardware will be provided as a Take- home kit (optional)
Display monitor with HDMI option
·          LED control (on/off).
·          LED Intensity control.
·          Wired and Wireless Control.
Session 4: Basics
 Hardware Basics
 Sensors and management.
 Stepper motor control.
 Workshop Methodology:
 Method of presentation, Demonstration,
 Orientation and Implementation
 Hands-on practical implementation of the known and learnt theory on  a Wheeled Robot. Software Implementation of Machine control

 Course Fee

·INR 4000 (With CD contents).





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